Can beginner do yoga?
We have several classes for beginner. Even thought you are a beginner, you can feel great aspect of yoga.

Can I just watch a class?
Unfortunately, it is not possible. Becase we would like students to focus on practice. In addition, it is good experience to practice together. We would like you to join and share yoga experience.

What should I wear?
Such as T-shirts, please wear clothing which you feel comfotable. You don't need bring shoes. And, during class, please remove jewelry and refrain from wearing strong perfume.

Is there anything which I should care?
Please come 15min before class and change your clothing. You can't enter the room once class begin.
Please turn off your cellphone.
And refrain from eating a large meal within 2-3 hours prior to class.

How do I pay for class?
For drop-in tickets, please pay before class. If you would like to deside wheher you buy ticekt or not after lesson, please let instructor know before class. You can pay after class.

Do I need to buy a yoga mat?
There are free rental yoga mats, however we recommend you bring a yoga mat from the aspect of quantity. If you are considering to buy a yoga mat, we can sell a "YogaWorks" yoga mat.

Can I attend class even though I have health problems?
Please ask to your doctor. If you can attend a class, it is better to tell a instructor about your health problem. The instructor will change a pose to light one.